Post Op Day 7

I got to be the one to drive Joanne up to Denver yesterday, and was privileged to be able to spend a signigificant amount of time with Scott.  When we walked into the room, Scott was sitting up in a chair eating chicken soup! 

It was a pretty emotional time for me.  Even though I am a nurse, it never gets easier seeing people in the midst of their sufferings.  It actually probably gets harder.  Especially when the person is someone you know and love.  And it was emotional as the reality of chemotherapy and radiation and an uncertain future was really starting to set in.

I left the room after awhile, and when I returned some time later, Scott was looking amazingly well.  He had had a bath and it seemed as though the immediate problems at hand (nausea and the untoward side effects that the nausea medicines give him) had subsided.  He was smiling and on the phone with friends.  He even looked less jaundiced since I’d left, which probably was just my imagination, but he really did look less yellow!

This morning’s short e-mail briefing from Joanne said that Scott might come home as soon as TOMORROW!  Of course only time will tell on that, but it’s sort of amazing that the doctors are even thinking that is a possibility.  Before surgery he was told that he would probably spend up to two weeks in the hospital, so that is good news.  I know that Joanne would sure like to have him back where she can be with him 100% of the time.

They plan on not wasting a moment of whatever time ultimately God has for them to be together.


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