Post Op Day 4

It is widely rumored that laughter is the best medicine.  Perhaps it is the second best medicine.  Second best to love.  Scott was feeling pretty lousy today.  Until Joanne showed up.  That seemed to make alot of his lousy much better.  Just being in the same room made him, and Joanne, feel much less awful.

And his intestines are rumbling!  That means they’ve awakened from their slumber.  Excellent news.

Scott’s bilirubin has continued to rise for the past few days.  They are looking for a cause for that.  The lab test was repeated today to see if it has risen further or not.  I haven’t heard the result of that, or of the latest nuclear medicine scan which was ordered to see if they could find any blockage which might be causing the rise.  More on that when I hear more myself.


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