Post Op Day 3

Talked to Joanne earlier today.  I’m not surprised to find out that Scott’s not feeling so great.  I have a lot of experience taking care of patients who have had major surgery.  Day three is almost always tough.  I don’t really have a good explanation, but people tend to feel lousy both physically and emotionally.

Anesthesia, especially long anesthesia times, causes your intestines to slow down, even stop.  Add to that having a surgeon mucking around in your guts makes them just go “bleh”.  And, to make things even worse, it’s hard to get up after surgery like that.  You have pain, and you often are very dizzy and faint.  Moving, being upright, standing, and walking encourages motility, encourages your intestines to “go” (called peristalsis).  Finally, if all that isn’t enough, pain medicines also slow your gut down.  By day three, you’re starting to feel all that gas which is being made and is stuck inside.  (Scott has a feeding tube which is putting nutrients directly into his intestines.  And it’s not really moving, so that’s kind of nauseating, too.)

That’s one of the big physical things that makes day three icky.  I don’t know if this is all that is going on with Scott, or not.  There may be more.

And there’s an emotional component which I have absolutely no comprehension of that strikes people on day three.  I don’t know how Scott is doing emotionally.

One of the things that makes a nurse go “woo hoo!!!” is a “yes” answer to this question:  “Have you passed any gas yet?”  Nurses appreciate such “gross” things, don’t we???

At the very least, pray that Scott passes gas soon…


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One response to “Post Op Day 3

  • Christina

    Mama Lou, I know that the return of the gut to normal functioning is a very crucial part of healing, and I hope Scot’s gut heals w/o complications!
    I have to share with you: yesterday I was reading a book and there was a part where the main character was talking about someone coming out of surgery and how nurses (you, and someday I) like to ask “Have we had a BM (or in Scott’s case: gas) yet?” and the author of the book next puts “(WE?)” ROLF I thought that was funny b/c I could see myself saying that with an oh-do-I-have-to-ask-this/did-I-actually-say-that look on my face.

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