Where’s The Customer Service???

I have direct deposit.  I don’t like direct deposit.  But signing up for it got me a better deal on my checking account.  Whatever.  I had a check bounce about a nanosecond before my paycheck was deposited two weeks ago.  Of course it was an automatic bounce, so I took the notice in to my bank this afternoon to see if I could get the THIRTY THREE DOLLAR PENALTY (crickey!) reimbursed to me.  I needed cash anyway and I needed to transfer money from my savings into my checking account.

I hadn’t planned on hitting the bank on the way home from work, so I didn’t have my check book and I don’t have any of my account numbers memorized.  The teller seemed a bit miffed that she had to look up my account numbers for me.  And then, since she was the BRANCH MANAGER I figured I’d talk to her about the bounced check charge.  She snipped that she’d take care of it.  I said “Thanks so much!  You are so nice.”

Without ever making eye contact with me at any point during any of the transactions we were making, she then said “NO.  I’m not.  I’m in a VERY BAD mood.”  And HOWDY, she meant BAD.  She finished posting the money to my account and handed me a receipt.  I nearly got frostbite!

I thanked her and I told her that I hoped her day gets better.  (And not sarcastically, either, though I REALLY wanted to!  LOL!)

Am I getting old or something?  I find myself wondering whatever happened to customer service and work ethic.  It might be disingenuous, but even when I don’t feel like it, I at least FAKE nice and kind at my jobs. 

I’d write a letter to the bank, but since she’s the manager, she’d probably round file it and blackball all my accounts. 


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One response to “Where’s The Customer Service???

  • Whitney

    Hi Lou,
    I just got it! I have wondered again and again what category p-ing and m-ing is. I thought at first it was some computer lingo for some blog help for your site, pings & mings… WHAT A DORK I AM!!! You could always write the letter to her and not just a complaint about her.

    Miss you oodles! Love you more!

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