Through the Fence

When I was in Southern California last week, I was lucky enough to be able to watch my nephew Mitchell play in one of his first Tee-ball games.  His team is the Dodgers.  And they wear uniforms that are nearly real!  Mitchell is number 14.  The numbers are assigned by size…the smallest kid gets 1 and the numbers get bigger as the kid gets bigger.  The highest number on Mitchell’s team is 14.  He’s only just turned five, but he’s a big ole kid!

I’m not sure what you learn about baseball by playing Tee-ball.  They hit off of a tee, they aren’t old enough to really comprehend strategy, most of them have horrible hand-eye coordination, and they can’t really even throw.  There’s no winning, no losing, and no outs.  Everyone hits, everyone scores.  It’s pretty much a feel good proposition all the way around, but they seem to have fun doing it, so no harm done. 

I took these pictures from the stands.  I liked the look of the fence in the foreground.  I superzoomed to get pictures of him all the way in the outfield.  I’m very happy with how the pictures turned out.

I grew up in a baseball town (El Segundo, California) and in a baseball family and I graduated from a high school where baseball is legendary (graduating George and Ken Brett, and Scott MacGregor to name a few).  I’d sure like to see one of the kids in the next generation of my family grow to love baseball and to be able to play well.  Just to be selfish really, because I love going to baseball games and have missed it since my brothers stopped playing.  Looking at Mitchell’s stance here, I think he just might have it!  During the entire “game”, and despite there not being official “outs”, there were a handful of plays made that WOULD have resulted in outs had that been part of the rules.  There was a kid who was tagged out at home with the significant help of a coach and there was a kid who lapped another kid running the bases, and I think there was one kid who chased down a runner for three bases and tagged him out.  But, while playing on the pitcher’s mound, Mitchell made three plays to first that beat the runners!  I was impressed!

He looks a bit like a major leaguer, donchathink? 

Mitchell’s personal style includes wearing his cap down just as far as he can over his eyes.  Nobody can say why for sure!  (And that mitt has been in our family for generations!  Not that you probably couldn’t tell!)

So, little man Mitchell, enjoy playing!  I sure enjoyed watching!  Go Dodgers!!



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