Girls Behaving Baldly

Leave poor Britney alone, wouldja?  So she shaved her head.  Big deal.  Hair grows back.  Let the poor girl have her crisis.  But maybe her hairless-style isn’t a symptom of crisis.  Maybe she’s always wanted to try it.  Ever think of that?

Bald Britney.  Still uber cute if you want my opinion!

When I was in high school I longed to do just the same thing, but I had long and very beautiful blond hair AND a big problem with shyness and these two things added up to wimping out.  I never got up the nerve to do anything at all with my hair except for cutting a few wispy bangs as a junior, and that took every bit of my courage since I knew the change would be noticed, and I hated being noticed. 

My sister-in-law, Connie, DID have the nerve.   She expressed herself often through her many hair styles and colors.  And I thought she looked AMAZING without any hair.  Her son, Richard, was very young at the time she chose baldness, and I will say, he was upset that his mother no longer had “girl hair”, and he cried.  That was both very cute and very heart-wrenching at the same time.

Connie, not quite bald (her hair was growing back in), but fabulous.

Some time ago I was watching the DVD of Connie’s memorial with some friends.  A picture flashed up of Connie when she had been bald.  One of the viewers was visibly horrified.  He declared in a disbelieving tone “And your brother LET her do THAT?”  I think I probably snorted when he said that.  Let her???  He didn’t know Connie!  And he didn’t know how much Phil enjoyed and encouraged the quirkiness and individuality of his wife.  The truth of the matter was, that it was Phil (who “let” Connie just be Connie) who was the one who did the actual deed this time!  He was the one with the clippers and razor in his hand!  And he will tell you that this was one of his favorite looks on her. 

For Connie’s memorial service, her cousin Katie shaved her head.  I wanted to, but again, I lacked the nerve.

One of these days I’m going to do it.  (It’s on the “List of Fifty”, you know!  I actually only wrote “get a radical new look”.  I cut my hair very short and died it a dark maroon back in the late 90’s and checked that one off the list, but in my heart, when I wrote “radical new look”, I meant bald.  But I wasn’t even brave enough to WRITE it then, let alone brave enough to DO it yet!)


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7 responses to “Girls Behaving Baldly

  • Whitney

    When was this picture taken? There was great debate at the dinner table last night. Phil was sure Connie only did this once but the general consensus was that the second time was just before my baby shower (Mitchell’s shower but we weren’t sure if he was a Mitchell or a Lauren at that time). This picture looks like it was taken MUCH earlier.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Ya know what??? I thought she’d only done it once, as well, when Richard was young. But she was, indeed, bald at your baby shower, too! She must have done it twice! 🙂

  • Diane

    Indeed, it was twice. Once when Richard and Alaska were young – I think it was around Alaska’s 1st Birthday. The second time she showed up at Whitney’s baby shower bald and Alaska was HORRIFIED!!!

  • Brandy-Lynn

    True, Connie shaved her head twice. Alaska was HORRIFIED- Michael being the Uncle approached Connie to explain “Alaska is afraid that all her friends are going to think you have cancer.” Connie then wore a hat when she was with Alaska. I must say Connie did look good with a shaved head.
    Miss you Linda. Are you coming to town?

  • Brandy-Lynn

    Oh, I wanted to say in the picture Connie and Michael look so much alike- the shaved head, the raised eyebrows, and the smile without teeth.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Omigosh, you’re right! She does look like Michael! And I am coming to town. I’ll be there the 12-19th! Hope to see you! BBQ and P’s and the kids’ on Saturday afternoon with friends of mine! Come!

  • heather

    When I was 21 my sister in law had cancer and had to shave her head but wore a wig over it because of embarrassment. I went out and buzzed mine and wore it all over the place just so that Jeannie(my sister in law) would feel comfortable. Hair grows back, pride gets mended, but truly hilarious pictures of us baldies are with us always. Even if they are just memories.

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