“Fat Is Ugly”

Some months ago I was sent a bunch of photographs in an e-mail called “Fat Is Ugly”.  These photographs were of horrifyingly thin women.  The e-mail and style of the photos seemed to indicate that these were runway/fashion models.  I don’t know if they are.  I have been wondering what to do with them, and so they have been sitting in my “blog stuff” file on my computer since I received them.  I recently got inspired by a couple of ignorantly insensitive events that happened, both to me and to a friend of my sister, to finally put one of those pictures to use in my blog.  I took the photo to Comeeko.com (a very cool web page where you can take your own pictures and turn them into comics – so cool in fact that it garners a “cool link” rating and a place on my blogroll) and I created a commentary which I hope speaks my mind on the subject.  Here it is: 


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