I Love Black and White

One of my favorite artist-photographers is Ansel Adams.  I don’t even aspire to his greatness as I know it is something that is not even remotely achievable.  I fell in love with black and white photography long before I ever heard of AA.  I was in the sixth grade.  My teacher decided we should learn a bit about photography.  We did so in black and white and we even got to go to the high school photography department and develop our own pictures!  Very cool.  (My sixth grade year was by far the best year of schooling that I ever got.)

This picture was taken with a good old fashioned 35 mm Canon EOS Elan.  It was fall in the Rocky Mountain National Park and I and some friends were there for the elk rut.  I threw in a roll of B&W film to take pictures of the fall colors.  It was my “fall colorless” homage to fall colors.  There was a mist descending over the mountains and within hours it had started to snow, the first snow of the year.  Beautiful.

Click HERE to view the snowfall later that day and an elk in rut. 


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