Seeing (More) RED

It’s Round Robin time again!  This time around the topic is “Red”.  (Click HERE to see my previous entries.)

Red.  Sometimes has good connotations.  Sometimes bad.  What do I think of when I hear “red”?

Don’t want to be “in the”.  Wine.  A communist.  Communist “scare”.  STOP.  Robin breast.  Politically incorrect “skins” name for North American Indians.  Secobarbitol.  A color to “paint the town”.  A not so nice “light” district.  Hearts.  Blood.  Chinese good luck color.  A famous “square”.  “Skelton”.  Roses.  Love.  “Hat club”.  Charity/business model with the Gap and Bono.  Republican “states”.  “One” was a great “paper clip”.  “Meat”.  Danger.  Condemned and “tagged”.  “Lobster” restaurant.  Eerie “tide” condition.  “Wings” of Detroit.  “Simply” a great band.  “Boston Sox”.  Energizing “Bull”.  Weird little “pandas”.  Spicy “hot” candy.  Awesome “Rocks” amphitheatre in Denver.  “Planet”.  Clifford, a “big dog”.  Apples.  Peppers.  Cherries.  “Letter” day.  “Cross” and “Crescent”.  “Dwarf” and “giant” stars.  “Tape” that can be frustrating.  “Rock Canyons” found in many states.  Fire and fire engines.  Anger.  Passion.  Arden perfume “Door”.  Hot.  HIV “Ribbon”.  What to “wear on Friday”.  “Rover” children’s game.  “Infra-rays”.  Rudolph, “nosed reindeer”.  “Little Riding Hood”.  Rainbow’s edge.  Hospital “code”.  Radio Flyer “wagon”.  Tomatoes.  “Sea”.  “Foxx”.  “Alert” level.  “Adair”, oil well fire controller.  “Badge of Courage”.  “Little Caboose”.  Power tie.  Los Angeles Metro “line”.  Jupiter’s “Great Spot”.  Preview and awards “carpet”.  Rubies.  Diversional “herring”.  Hooray for it with “White and Blue”.  “Rum” starter in The Shining.  An “Envelope” this color is a great place for giflts.  No parking “zone”. 

Care to add anything?

Oh gosh, I nearly forgot one:  photo “eye” condition!


Just a few red things I found around my house, and couple of other recent red photos from outside thrown in, for good measure!


(Hershey’s Truffle candy, my teddy bear – Dinner Witherspoon – in his red bow finest, Quicksilver board shorts that I bought in Australia, Tootsie Pops, tomato, twinkle lights blurred, my favorite vase, tube of Colgate, Mary Kay lipstick in “Red Flame”, an identifying “5” magnet that I took off of LAFD Rescue Ambulance 5 while at work one day – it lives on my fridge – don’t tell the boys from 5!, “I Love Lucy” DVD collection case, a lamp in my living room, my nephew Jonathan’s eyes, and flower lights from Christmas at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.)

Please visit the other Robins and see what they came up with this round!

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February 28, 2007:  addendum

I just realized that I used the title “Seeing Red” before.  So I changed this post’s title.  My previous “Seeing Red” post was about the RED charity campaign.  You can read that post by clicking HERE


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