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Did you know that places exist in this world where you can be killed simply because your #46 chromosome has an XX instead of an XY on it?  An XX on chromosome #46 instead of an XY chromosome makes you female.  That means you can be killed simply because you are female.  You can be dragged from your home and be murdered.  Or you can be murdered when you leave your home.  You didn’t do anything.  You committed no crime.  You hurt no one.  You just drew the short genetic straw.  The home you can be dragged from and killed or killed after exiting it?  Your mother’s womb.

One of those places is India.  In India the practice of feticide and infanticide against female children has cost the lives of between 5 and 10 million female babies in the past 20 years.

Click HERE to read the story about all the babies bones that were recently found.

In my most recent issue of TIME magazine (February 26, 2007) a number of American abortion statistics were provided.  The statistics were “reasons for abortion”.  The respondants could give more than one reason for their terminating their pregnancy.

Here’s what they said:

Having a baby would dramatically change my life – 74%

Can’t afford a baby now – 73%

Don’t want to be a single mother/relationship problems – 48%

Have completed my childbearing – 38%

Don’t want people to know I had sex or got pregnant – 25%

Don’t feel mature enough to raise a child – 22%

Problems with health of fetus – 13%

Problems with health of mother – 12%

Was a victim of rape or incest – 1.5%

My life would be changed.  I can’t afford it.  I don’t want to be a single mom.  I am having relationship problems.  I have completed my childbearing….”  I, I, I.

So, fully three quarters of the respondants replied that having a baby would dramatically change their life.  Ummm, duh.  Babies tend to do that.  And the two biggies that pro-abortionists hold up as reasons that abortion should be safe and legal and accessible…the health of the mother and rape/incest pregnancies?  Those add up to 13.5%.  And that vague “health of mother” category?  That could be anything, like she’s a little bit depressed.  Let me tell you a secret…while I’m sure that it might occur, I don’t often hear of a woman having an emergency life-saving abortion.  When a pregnant woman’s life is in danger, the standard of care is an emergency C-section.  But I digress, let’s get back to the topic at hand…killing babies because they are female.

Would America ever allow that?  Perhaps people are having sex selective abortions here already.  They probably wouldn’t admit it though.  It seems horribly selfish to terminate a pregnancy solely on the sex of the baby, doesn’t it?  Well, in India a female doesn’t have the job opportunities a male does, and in the Hindu religion, it is the son who lights his parent’s funeral pyre.  So, to be completely honest it seems a whole lot more reasonable to me to kill a baby for those reasons than kill it because the mother’s life would be changed if she delivered the baby.

Many years ago I knew a couple who couldn’t get pregnant.  They went through in-vitro.  She ended up pregnant with sextuplets.  She underwent what she called a “selective reduction”.  She had five of the embryos terminated.  Sort of playing the devil’s advocate, I asked her if she was going to keep a boy or a girl.  She was visibly horrified, and told me she’d NEVER decide to abort a baby based on its sex.  There was no disconnect for her that after wanting children for so long, and going through all the trouble and expense to become pregnant, she selectively eliminated five children from her womb.  How could there be no disconnect?  But somehow she thought she was taking the moral high ground by not choosing the sex of the child to keep. 

I’m not trying to stimulate debate.  It’s just something to think about.


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