It’s Roadtrip Time Again!

Today turned out to be a great day to hit the road, which is just what my cousin, Julie, and I did.  She’s a great roadtrip partner.  She likes to be out and do, well, whatever!

We only had today this time, and she had to be home by 5:00, so we decided to make our trip a fairly close one.  We headed out this morning to go to Canon City.  We thought we’d do a little geocaching, and whatever else struck our fancy.  On the way to Canon City, we came upon the turnoff for the city of Florence.  The last time I went through the area I passed the turnoff.  This time, I wanted to see if we could find the SuperMax prison.  We did.  This is as close as we could get.  And as you can see, we couldn’t see much.  But I’ve never been that close to such a concentration of evil.  And all around me, out where it’s free, was clear blue sky and majestic mountains. 

Just a short way down the road and we were in Canon City.   I had printed up a handful of geocaches to look for while we were there.  We found four out of the four we decided to look for.  Here’s Julie.  This cache was called “Grab the Brass Ring”.


The last cache we decided to find took us to a bend in the road, and that road led to the Royal Gorge and the world’s highest suspension bridge.  We decided to go up there, too.


Had to do a feets picture!

On the way home we stopped at a crummy place called the “Country Kitchen” for a late lunch/early dinner.  Awesome food.  All in all, a very good day, and a very good road trip.  Stay tuned!  We’re already planning our next one.

Click the following links to see more pictures of the last time I was in Canon City and at the Royal Gorge:

Locomotive Ride, Open Bed Train Car, Suspension Bridge Cables, and Penitentiary.



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One response to “It’s Roadtrip Time Again!

  • Larry

    Awww man I love road trips. Sounds like fun! I never got to go to the suspension bridge while I lived in Colorado Springs. I did go over rampart range trail and to Cripple Creek.

    You are reminding me it is time to head out for trip my ownself!

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