Diet Coke Kaboom

During one of our last big cold snaps here, I forgot that I had a Diet Coke in the car.  It had rolled somewhere under a seat.  After a few days of sub-zero temps, I remembered about it!  So I dug around and pulled it out.  The ends were pushed out and the pop top was blown and the can was about half empty.  But, since it blew up under a seat, there was no mess to clean up!  Just the frost that now formed INSIDE my car overnight because of all the internal moisture. 

My car hasn’t been washed in months.  Seems like it’s always raining or snowing, or doing something that makes getting a car wash seem sort of futile.  But, the day before yesterday when I noticed small green shoots poking through all of the dirt, I decided, TIME FOR A CARWASH!  So, I emptied the car of this and that, and in the process came across a SECOND can of Diet Coke that had been forgotten under a seat.  And look at what happened to THIS one!


It so totally exploded that there is nearly no DC residue anywhere in or on the can!  How’d THAT happen???  Thank goodness I didn’t leave it in the drink holder!  Can you imagine THAT mess??

Oh, and about the green shoots?  Just kidding.  But if it was spring and my car was that dirty, I’d have planted strawberries or something…


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