A new Robin

Just discovered one last entry to the latest Round Robin challenge for Macro.  These are GOOD!  She did a whole bunch of entries.  And they’re from Australia.  How’d she find the Round Robins anyway?  In fact, someday I’d like to hear the story of how each Round Robiner found the challenge and decided to join.

Click HERE to link to this new entry.


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One response to “A new Robin

  • fractalmyth

    Wow! Thanks for the link – and the compliment 😀 Since becoming addicted to photo challenges I often look around to see what I’m missing (mainly through Google… but I think I actually found the Robins by clicking Random Photoblog at Photoblog.org. I guess I was meant to find you since I was getting a bit bored with FotoPherrets and wanted something different for Wednesdays. Since you are every second week, I get to use the ‘other Wednesday’ as an excuse to post my favourite photo taken that fortnight – and there are always more photos than there are challenges ;P I can’t promise to always be on time as my baby son takes priority… but I do hope to continue playing for as long as the Robins keep providing challenges! Everyone has been so very friendly 🙂 I shall recommend to my sister that she come along as well!

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