Lab Rat


Do you think “Lab Rat” is something that looks good on a resume?  (sorry about the lack of an accent on that last e, I don’t know how to do that here). 

My cousin Julie has, for a number of years, been paid to be in medical studies.  The work is generally easy, and sometimes the pay is actually pretty good.  In order to pick up some spending money, I have decided to sign up to be a lab rat, too.  My first study is next week.  I have no idea what it will entail accept that I will only have to make two short office visits (I don’t even know where the “office” is!).  I’m actually hoping that once I get involved from a subject standpoint and get to know people, that maybe they can use me as a clinician somehow!  🙂 

I’ll let you know how it goes….


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