A Tropical Flower

Some months ago I visited the Butterfly Pavilion with my cousin Julie.  (Read another post and see more pictures here.)  There were many beautiful flowers there, in addition to all the spectacular butterflies.  I ran this picture through a simple watercolor effect feature on in a photo editing program.  I like the final effect.  As I write this there is a steady snow falling gently outside.  I love the snow.  But the zero temp outside made me think of sharing something that has nothing to do with freezing temperatures and quiet white precipitation. 

Julie was just telling me that it’s time for us to take another road trip.  But I think we might need to wait until the weather clears….


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One response to “A Tropical Flower

  • Julie

    So, we get stuck in the snow…..an adventure in itself!!!!! I got stuck again today! AGGGHHHH! Okay, okay, we’ll wait a little while…..

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