Where’s Peter?

My Mom’s cousin’s son is named Peter.  (That makes him my second cousin).  He’s way cool.  He’s an adventurer and a traveler.  I wish I could go on all his trips with him.  He lives on a boat.  He’s in Cambodia as of today.  He has finally started a blog.  I just learned about it today, but it dates back to the beginning of this particular adventure.  I didn’t ask him if it was okay to publish his blog’s address, but I did a blog search and found it, so it’s public.  I figured that made it okay!  I know that a lot of my family, and Peter’s family, reads my blog, and that they might really be interested in where on earth Peter is and what on earth Peter is doing!!  So I have added him to my blogroll.  But here’s a link, for your current convenience!

Where’s Peter?? 

He includes links to some pretty amazing photos that he has taken along the way.  If you appreciate good pictures, check out Peter’s Flickr site.

Peter.  On Flickr.


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