10 for 10

This is by far my favorite super market promotional “event”.  I don’t know if supermarkets everywhere do this, but Albertson’s and King Sooper’s here in Colorado do.  And I love it.  Throughout the store different items are marked “10 for 10”.  It means you can get 10 of that item for 10 dollars.  But, say I don’t really need 10 boxes of rolled oats or 10 Haas avocados.  Wellllll, the cool thing is, you don’t have to get 10 of the same item.  You don’t even have to get 10 items total.  You can get any number of any of these items for a dollar apiece.  I watch for these 10 for 10’s and stock up.  Last night I stopped in for cat food and kitty litter as I had great coupons for both and knew that they were both already marked down until the end of November.  While there, I saw that there were lots of 10 for 10’s marked.  So I went up and down each of the aisles to see what I could use.  Colgate toothpaste, all varieties, 10 for 10!  I picked up four tubes.  That’ll last me a year.  Cans of evaporated milk.  10 for 10.  I picked up a few cans for holiday baking.  Oats.  10 for 10.  Five pounds of flour.  10 for 10.  Cans of pumpkin.  10 for 10.  (And I had a coupon for this same item, buy one, get one free!)  More holiday baking supplies.  I’ve already stocked up on pasta, brown sugar, spaghetti sauce, and many other items I’ll be needing for the holidays.  And I’ll keep watching! 

A truly amazing deal.  And all you have to do to get it is join the preferred customer program!


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2 responses to “10 for 10

  • Shirley

    Lou, I, too, am a careful shopper, and these are surely good deals you have noted here. I must say, though, the preferred customer program sometimes irritates me. We travel a lot and when I go in a store that has a good buy, but I have to be a member to get that deal, it’s frustrating. I have learned though, that if you mention your situation to the clerk, they can punch in some numbers or slide a card through and you can indeed get the bargains.

    My wish? All the stores, all the time would give us their best prices.

    Happy shopping!

    Shirley Buxton

  • Lizzie

    Yes, but how did you decide on which tube of Colgate to buy. I find toothpaste shopping so overwhelming I am starting to think I need to blog on it. What ever happened to mint gel toothpaste? Not whitening, not baking soda, not lined with three different plaque fighting mechanisms, not bubblegum flavored not orange, cinnamon or mixed fruit delight!!! JUST MINT GEL! If anybody has information on the location of that rare breed, Please let me know……..Lizzie

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