Didja Miss Me?

Even though you probably didn’t, I sure missed “you”!  My internet service went out a week ago.  My cable company was finally able to send someone out yesterday to fix the problem.  Friday after work I ran by the Adelphia cable headquarters to pick up a new modem, which the tech who originally helped me (over the phone) thought might solve the problem.  It didn’t.  So I stayed “disconnected” until the knock on the door yesterday morning! 

Oddly, on the same day that my internet went out, I received notice that I also had a signal leak that needed to be addressed or the FCC might make Adelphia turn off my service.  The two problems were apparently unrelated.  When these kinds of strange things happen to me I’m never surprised.  Weirdness follows me when it comes to electronics, commputers, that sort of thing.

The “fixit guys” that were out were great, as was the telephone technician who originally helped me to diagnose my problem.  But I’m a bit confused by the handling of the signal leak problem.  As I was instructed by the door tag which was left for me, I called to arrange to have the problem fixed.  I still haven’t received a call back.  The door tag made it sound almost like an emergency.

The fixit guys took care of both of my problems while they were here.  I do wonder if Adelphia will ever get back to me about my signal leak.  I’m still wondering exactly what that is.  Never saw any puddles of signal on my floor!  🙂

That being said, I’m back on line.  I’ve had no problems for over 24 hours now, and am excited by that. 

It’s nice to “see” you all again!


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2 responses to “Didja Miss Me?

  • Dibelle

    Hi Lou,

    So … that horrible singing that I listened to, well, I think I’ve heard cats in heat that sound better than that. Yikes, and it wasn’t followed by any laughter so, guess it’s the real thing. I’ll watch for his cd … coming soon.


  • Lizzie

    I too am afflicted with weirdness; just the other day I loged on to read my e-mails and 329 e-mails came flying into my inbox. They dated back to July 2006 and I had permently deleted them all……….I think it comes from Dad’s side of the family.

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