“Who did this to me??”

Ask anyone in my family to get you a “who did this to me” and they’ll bring you one of these: 

My mother is always busy with her hands.  She can often be found sitting on this or that couch quilting or mending.  Some of the straight pins she uses get away from her. 

When my nephew Richard was three or four years old, he was visiting grandma and all of the sudden he pulled his foot up while walking and started to wail “Who diiiiiid this to meeee?”  He was distressed, but soooo cute!  He was pointing to a straight pin sticking out of his foot.  The pin was pulled out, and in the lexicon of our family, a straight pin became, and will probably always be, a “who did this to me?”. 

This is one of those stories that I’m sure his girlfriends will be hearing at the dinner table someday.  (Someday soon, I imagine!)  Good thing this one isn’t one of the embarrassing ones! 


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