I am removing my blogroll link to Sharp Reader and replacing it with a link to Feed Reader.  I was having problems with Sharp Reader doing something funky to my screen.  It was making it look like this:

(crazyscreensaver, originally uploaded by Blah Blah Blog)

Sometimes instead of looking like that, bar code looking things would run up and down throughout whatever I was working on, or watching.  Not easy to watch a movie with all that nonsense going on!I decided to see if there were any better moustraps out there.  And I found a free reader available here:

It leaves a very small footprint on your computer, and manages things much cleaner and nicer than Sharp Reader does.  It has an alert, just like Sharp Reader, that pops up and lets you know when updates have been detected and where.  And it is even easier to load your favorite blogs and websites into than Sharp Reader, which was pretty darn easy to start with.  I’m sure most of my readers probably already have this on their computer, but if I’m just now finding it, I’m sure there are some others out there who haven’t! 

It handles rss and atom feeds.  I think I said that right.  Anyhow, I love it!  And no more bar coding when an alert comes in!  Woo Hoo!

And finally, all the missing stats from yesterday’s counter have not shown up.  Sad day.


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