So, what’s up with my stat counter???

If you know me and you know how electronics and computers are around me, this won’t surprise you.  It’ll make you chuckle and say, something like “Yup”.

My stat counter has never given me trouble.  For the past week I have been looking forward to today since my visitor count was pretty likely going to hit 30,000.  I was well on my way this morning when I posted “Blah Blah Blog Is Turning Thirty! (Thousand!!).  See previous post!  And then the counter stopped. 

How embarrassing!  Was no one visiting my blog!  After a few hours, I knew something was up.  I kept getting comments, but my counter didn’t change.  So I checked out WordPress forums and found that I wasn’t the only one experiencing the problem:

It’s so like this to happen to me on this particular day!



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One response to “So, what’s up with my stat counter???

  • Shirley

    Congratulations! Hang on! You’ve no doubt already made it to 30,000. As soon as they correct this small problem your stat number will soar. Mine’s stuck too, if that’s any comfort. 🙂


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