Side Splitter

Last night I attended a comedy concert.  The comedians were from the “Thou Shalt Laugh” comedy tour.  This tour was put together by the same people as the “Blue Collar Comedy” Tour, only it is comprised of solely Christian comedians.  The leadership of New Life Church decided to go on with the show despite the recent scandal because “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine” (Proverbs 17:22). 

Before we (that would be my cousin Julie and I) headed over to the church, we decided to go to Noodles & Company for a quick bite.  (My first time there.  Very good, by the way.)  While there, we noticed a large table of people.  It appeared two of them were  having the macaroni and cheese, and we wondered it if was good.  We took our seats in the church sanctuary, and shortly thereafter, Julie and I both recognized the people taking their seats directly in front of us as being the people from the restaurant.  “Say something to them”, Julie told me.  Well I had nothing to offer at the ready!  So Julie jumped in and loudly said “It smells like noodles in here.  Is it you guys who smell like noodles?  Did you just eat noodles or something?”  It was hilarious.  Their eyes got really big and they started to sniff at their clothing!  We let them off the hook after not too long, but it was a great little laughing warm up for all of us!  One of the guys was a macaroni and cheese orderer.  He said it would be worth going back for.

Then Julie shared a very funny story of her own with me.  She’s in real estate school and is starting to investigate post-graduation employment.  She had an interview with a large local branch of a national company.  But Julie has not been in the business world in decades, and really doesn’t have any business attire.  So she pulled together an outfit she thought would work (including borrowing a pair of her daughter’s shoes!) and headed off to the interview.  She got there verrrry early, and since she wasn’t thrilled with the sweater she was wearing, she dropped in at ROSS and found a cute new sweater that she liked much better.  So, she pulled off the tags and went and had a great interview, WHICH included a job offer (way to nail the interview, Julie!).  It was only when she got home that she realized that there was another set of tags (including a small plastic bag with a spare button) hanging off the back of the sweater! 

That’s something you only read about!  I’ve never actually known anyone who has done that! 

Anyone have an embarrassing clothing malfunction-type story they’d care to share???

Oh, and if you have the chance to see “Thou Shalt Laugh”, do!  But to get the full affect, you might want to go with a funny cousin and eat noodles first!


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3 responses to “Side Splitter

  • Julie

    Hey, don’t forget find hand lotion for the guy in front of us too! Tommy girl was what we ended up with! Must have been a secure guy to use it!

  • Lou (Linda)

    My Dad just sent me this story via e-mail under the heading “A story, but I don’t think it will make your blog”. WRONG! Here’s my dad’s story:

    On one of my many trips up Interstate 5, I stopped at Harris Ranch for breakfast. But prior to being seated I had to go to the bathroom and of course I used one of those paper products to cover the seat. Upon completion, I was called into the restaurant to be seated. Upon completing breakfast, I stopped in the gift shop and purchased some stakes for my cousin Laurel. While waiting for them to wrap them, I just meandered around the shop for about 10 minutes and when my number was called, I paid for the meat and went to my car to finish my drive to Sacramento.

    How ever, as I got into the front seat of my car, I noticed that I had something hanging from the back of my pants. Yes, it was that paper product that I had used about an hour before, but of course, no-one even noticed it because they surely would have told me, right.



  • Julie

    That’s worse than my sweater tags!

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