Bad Dream

I’ve had a fairly active dream life this past week.  I dream wild, and often remember my unusual dreams.  But I had an unusual dream, even for me, last night.  Let’s start out with me walking down some stairs towards a hall which ran perpendicular to the stairs.  I could see the terminus of the hall on the left and on the right.  There were doorways at each end.  The hall was probably 500 yards long and the ceilings were probably 15 feet tall.  The wall of the hallway facing me was filled with very long windows with large metallic blinds.  The kind of blinds that were in all of my classrooms when I was growing up.  At the end of the hallway on my left I saw a man, standing in the doorway.  I was afraid of him.  And I could hear running footsteps echoing from somewhere off to my right.  All the floor surfaces were highly polished concrete, reflecting the light from those tall windows.  I was wearing little leather slip-on shoes.  The shoes were a pair that I used to wear two decades ago.  The bottom was warn and slippery.  This made for a serious challenge when running on that polished concrete.  But I distinctly felt the need to flee those echoing running footsteps.  I reached the bottom of the stairs and took off running to the right.  I looked back over my shoulder and saw that the man in the doorway had taken up pursuit of me.

My feet slipping wildly underneath me, I kept running towards the other end of the hallway, the sounds of the running footsteps coming every closer.  I reached the end of the hall way and ran through the door.  There was another staircase there.  I saw another man on those stairs.  He was pursuing me, too.  I decided to run up the stairs away from him, my feet slipping on each stair.  This man caught my foot and I went down.  I kicked him in the face, but he didn’t let go.  I managed to get a handful of hair and I smashed his head against the stair railing.  He crumpled and let go.  I continued to run up the stairs, still hearing the first man’s footsteps now echoing his pursuit.  I don’t remember what the man in the staircase looked like, but he was wearing a yellow and white vertically striped dress shirt.  It was bright (and ugly…like a circus tent). 

I don’t know how many flights I climbed, but I came out of the stairwell at some point and found myself in a crowd of people at a street bazar.  I believe we were in New York as it seemed like all the people were NYU students. One of them I “recognized” as somebody I should have known, but in my waking I have no idea who it was.  She identified herself as a foreign exchange student with whom I attended high school.  I told her I was very busy and that I wanted to get all caught up with her soon, and I asked her to write her name and number down on a piece of paper for me, but she told me to just “ask for her at the front.”  I told her I for sure would, even though I knew I wouldn’t since I didn’t know her name.  And then I ran into another person that I do remember as being a Swedish girl who attended the same church as I did in the late 80’s.  I only vaguely remembered her, again, as someone I should have known, but I didn’t even really recognize her face.  She wanted to get all caught up, too, and like the first girl, wouldn’t give me her name either.  I couldn’t really even understand anything she was saying. 

Since my life was clearly still in danger, I asked a kiosk keeper how I got to the staircase that would take me higher.  Her reply?  “Honey, the only way to get any higher than you are now…” and she pointed over her shoulder at what was clearly an insanely far drop as we were on the roof of a skyscraper…”is to die and go to heaven.”

And that’s all I remember. 

What made the dream so bad was not that I was being chased, or that I couldn’t remember people I feel I should have, but that I think I really hurt that guy on the stairwell.

If you feel compelled to be a dream interpreter, resist the urge!  I’m SURE my dreams prove me to be a nutjob!  🙂


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2 responses to “Bad Dream

  • Cousin Laurel

    You inherited the dreaming from your dad. He lived with us and had some pretty wild and violent ones. Will tell you sometime. I have a vivid dream life, too.

  • John

    I think you had the dream because you had discomfiture about not been able to use big words like “terminus” in real life for a long time.

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