Mystery Solve-ed!

Some time ago, I posted a blog called Nostalgia in which I listed a number of items that had belonged to my sister-in-law that my brother had put on display in “the Shrine”.  One of the items that seemed curious to me was her tape dispenser.  Many of the items might seem odd to the average person who doesn’t know my family, didn’t know my sister-in-law.  But I was CLUELESS as to the significance of that dispenser.  I sort of wracked my brain wondering what its presence there meant to Phil!   I had written:  “which reminds me that I need to ask my brother why that’s in there”.

And…I forgot to ask him.  But yesterday, much to my surprise, my brother Phil visited my blog and he answered the question for me!  Click HERE to go to his comment and the very funny (to me!) explanation! 

Thanks for dropping in bro!  I love you and miss you!  Can’t wait to see you at Christmas! 


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