Ted Haggard

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Jesus said that.   

I was not surprised to hear the allegations against Pastor Ted Haggard this past week.  I don’t know much about the man, but I’m never particularly surprised when I hear about people in Christian leadership falling hard into sin.  I had hoped that the allegations would prove completely unfounded and untrue, but in my heart, I pretty much knew that where there was smoke, there was probably fire.  Exactly how much fire remains yet to be seen, but I’m not particularly concerned with what Ted Haggard’s sins are.  Ted Haggard is a man and is human.  Every person I know is human.  Humans are sinful, dark, fallible creatures.  These are all reasons why we need saving in the first place.  While we all like to think that our pastors and Christian leaders are better than the rest of us, let’s be honest.  They aren’t! 

My heart breaks for Ted Haggard, his wife Gayle, and their family and friends.  There’s something about sexual sin that is particularly painful and embarrassing to deal with when it comes to light.

But man’s ordeal is God’s opportunity.  And I’m sure that God is on the move, bringing His very particular will to pass in this.  Pastor Haggard is no less loved by God in the middle of his nightmare.  Quite the opposite.  It is only now, through this exposed sin, that God can bring true healing and restoration to him.  Pastor Haggard will be ultimately be a better man for the truth coming to light.  I am sure that although this is a terrible ordeal,  he must be, finally, after all these years of struggle and internal warring, experiencing sweet relief from having the secret known.  The door has been thrown open and the light has come into those dark places in his life.

As Christians, this is our opportunity, too.  We need to embrace the truth that we should be ultimately looking to God, and not to man for our direction.  We need to not be shaken when our leadership falters…they WILL falter, just as we falter.  Our hearts and minds need to be stayed on Him (God) and not on “man”.  We need to learn better to show grace to people who fail.  As a community of Christ’s followers, not as man followers, we need to show God’s love and acceptance and forgiveness.  And not just to Ted Haggard, but to everyone.


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5 responses to “Ted Haggard

  • Denise

    Well said! You are absolutely right – our earthly leaders are just that – earthly. They are included in the “all” when scripture says ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. It is also true that when a Christian takes on a leadership roll, they become even a bigger target for satan. He figures, if he can take out the leader, the followers will fall as well. We must all pray not only for Pastor Haggard and his family, but for the flock as well, that they will stand strong.

  • Shirley

    Somewhere in the last couple of days, I came across the profound letter that Ted Haggard read to his congregation. It touched me deeply, and I feel sympathy for him, for his family, and for the church.

    God help us all to grow in Him, to depend on His mercy, and to be sure of our salvation.


    Shirley Buxton

  • Rosita Kumar

    Thank you so much for putting into words what is in my heart. I am not a part of Ted Haggard’s fellowhip but I felt compelled to pray for him and his family during this time. We need to remember that we are not any better than those who fall – in fact, we are all the same and it is only the blood of Jesus Christ that seperates us from sinners, not our own holiness. I think this is where many Christian falter because we place this expectation of our human holiness on ourselves and each other, and we feel that the higher you are in terms of heirarchy the more perfect your holiness should be. We seem to forget that we become holier as we draw nearer to Jesus, not as we assume more responsibilities in our ministries, and we need to remember every day that we are flesh and that the only way to overpower our fleshly urges is by keeping ourselves as close to the Lord as we can. I know from my own personal experience how easy it is to ‘talk the talk’ but not ‘walk the walk’. Part of our walk is to remain truly humble and we need to do this by remaining truthful and accoutable to each other at all times. Are you struggling? Then tell someone you trust and who you know loves you. Apply wisdom in sharing these things so you don’t violate anybody but keep yourself accoutable and embrace the humbling process. And never forget what you were before the love of our wonderful Saviour rescued you. As you pray each day remember to thank Him for rescuing you and forging you into what you are. Because even though you may go through your struggles, trials and temptations, you are still far removed from that person who didn’t even acknowledge our Creator. And we need to remember that all of these trials and temptations are allowed by God so that we can be shaped and formed into that wonderful vessel He has planned us to be. And draw comfort from the fact that our Lord Himself suffered so He understands what we go through & can help us(Heb 2:18 & 4:15), and that our Father will never allow more than we can handle (1Cor 10:13).

  • juxtafem


    I have a hard time feeling sorry for those who value power above truth…

    Shame on him that he held himself up so high as if he could judge others. Where was “mercy” then?

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