Just ‘Cuz She’s Cute!

That’s my girl!  (Princess Mew Ling Calico Star!)

(Viscious Wild Kitty, originally uploaded by Blah Blah Blog)

I recently posted a photo of a lion I saw on safari. That picture brought this one to mind. Since I have very little to say today, I thought I’d shamelessly show you a picture of my “kid”! (Please notice how her nose pad is calico! Matches the rest of her!)


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One response to “Just ‘Cuz She’s Cute!

  • Gattina

    Such a cute little muzzle, just to plant a kiss on !

    The “what is it” picture on my blog was not a ferret but a piece of my Pookie’s furr ! PC Pookie is my “P ersonnal C at” and assists me every day in writing my texts in “Writer Cramps”

    Yesterday Blogger went out for I don’t know how many hours. I counted 12h ! Then I went to bed. I haven’t got one single comment the whole day which was quite strange and then I got emails to tell me that nothing worked. No posting, no comments nothing. And Google/Blogger help group exploded of complaints !

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