The Creative Side of Me

Today I received a comment from my posting yesterday on how many Trick or Treaters came to my home last night.  It was from one of the Round Robiners!  Yikes!  I forgot to put together my submission to the Round Robin Challenge this time around.  And I am completely unprepared to do so!  I am supposed to show “the creative side of me”.  At the last minute I thought about taking a picture of the ceiling from which I am scraping that horrid popcorn/cottage cheese stuff, a picture of all the doors with their moldings torn away, and one of the wallpaper I am stripping.  Not very creative.  All demo, no creation.  The only other thing I had handy that I had “created from scratch”, was a plastic container of cookies.  So, here’s my last minute entry for the Round Robin Challenge for the week of November First is:

“Oatmeal Cookie”

(Oatmeal Cookie, originally uploaded by Blah Blah Blog)

If you are interested in seeing a couple of drawings I have done, click HERE!

Please visit the other players’ sites!

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