So yesterday I decided it was time to go geocaching.  I’m not going to get into what geocaching is.  It’s after midnight and I’m tired.  Maybe later.  I first learned about geocaching from my sister-in-law, Connie.  I went with her on a few finds.  I knew that she’d reached the hundred finds mark before she died.  Anytime she went anywhere, she’d look up any caches that were nearby that she might be able to work into that errand or trip. 

I found my first cache today, and I looked for but couldn’t find two more (yet).  I thought about her (Connie) some while I was out.  I was thinking she probably laugh to know that I was doing this.  I had bought her a GPS device to assist her in her endeavors.  I don’t own a GPS, but I know a guy who geocaches using maps and satellite views that are provided on the website www.geocaching.com.  I decided to go ahead and try it that way. 

I wondered if Connie had used the geocaching.com website.  I decided to search for her there.  I used my best guess as to what her geocaching name would be, entered it, and, there she was.  I had to catch my breath.  She logged 116 cache finds, plus 9 travel bug dog tags were located and moved.  Not a bad job for two years.  Not a bad job for a woman who had more on her to do list every day then most people have on theirs in a month. 

The last three finds that she logged were ones that I was with her for.  We found them on a trip to Catalina Island in celebration of my 40th birthday.  That was just a month before she died.  I will probably be up all night looking up her finds to see what she wrote about them.  And I’ll probably be up all night crying, too.  I am profoundly sad, again, at the loss of her.  I feel lost without her tonight.


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