Chiwala Sky – 3

This probably should have been my first Chiwala sky posting.  But I think it will be my last.  There are only so many sunrise/sunset pictures you probably want to see!  But just a few more notes on the subject before I leave it.  The sun seems to set in equatorial Africa more quickly than it has anywhere else I’ve been.  It drops below the horizon like a big red ball in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  You can actually see it moving.  And the moon rises just as quickly as the sun seems to set.  Also on occasion, it too, is a big red ball.  Now, when the sun slips below the horizon, the dark comes hard and fast.  And what is revealed then is a glittering array of starry jewels which are splashed across the sky so thickly that they look like a cloud rather than individual stars.  It looks like someone splashed a glass of milk across the night sky.  You don’t realize that you “know” your own sky until you are under a different one.  You absolutely know you are not at home when you look up at the sky in a different hemisphere.  I am used to the Big Dipper, not the Southern Cross.  The last time I saw the Southern Cross was in the skies over Papua New Guinea back in 1986.  It was just as breathtaking in the African sky. 

The sunrises and sunsets were tremendous at every location where we stayed.  But as I’ve mentioned before, the skies in Chiwala really put on a show.

I tried to take pictures that did this heavenly display justice, but failed.  You can only get a glimpse of the wonderousness of it in these pictures I have shared.  And I put off trying to get starry night pictures believing that the night sky would be the same in other locations.  It was not.  I don’t know what it was about Chiwala, but the sky was different there.  It was bigger.  It was brighter.  It was more colorful in the day.  And it made me want to sing “How Great Thou Art” at night.

(Chiwala Sky – 3, originally uploaded by Blah Blah Blog)


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One response to “Chiwala Sky – 3

  • Lori

    Would you be interested in allowing me to publish this photo in my book of poetry in exchange for name publicity as photo credit? If so, please contact me via e-mail. Bright Blessings, -Lori

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