It Takes A Village

Individually, each person in my family is completely equipped to be able to care for a kid with a fever.  But as a group, we require a caucus and a conference call! 

Mitchell, my five year old nephew has a fever of well over 105.  My Mom (who raised six kids and has helped in the raising of eight grandkids) called my sister to come home from work to take care of him.  While my sister is on the phone with me getting advice (good call, I’m a nurse) my brother Phil is on another phone with my sister Liz (good call, also a nurse).  I give MY advice, which I know to be good, but feel the need to express to Whitney that she should do whatever Liz says because I don’t have any kids, and Liz does.

Final count?  One grandma, one mom, two aunties (one also a mom), and one uncle (a dad) are required to come up with a plan for feverish Mitchell! 

So, Hillary, in this case, you were correct, it takes a village.  But it only takes a village because the village is there…

Get well soon, Mitchell!


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One response to “It Takes A Village

  • Whitney

    Took him to see the doctor this morning. The doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia (thank you Webster). Has an RX for Amoxicillin (thank you jar from fridge). He is still at about 103 to 104 and quiet. Maybe I should blog on the rest. See ya.

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