I Picked Safe

Do I go for safe?  Or do I take my chances that I’ll be sorry?  Two nights ago I pulled a package of chicken breasts out of the freezer to thaw.  I should have thawed them in my fridge, but instead I put them in the sink and planned on putting them in the fridge before I went to bed.  I intended to cook the chicken last night for dinner.  Well, I forgot the chicken and it sat in the sink overnight.  I don’t keep my house particularly warm (the default on my thermostats is currently 50 degrees) so I didn’t think that being unrefrigerated overnight would pose a problem (I’m wayyyyyy too used to all the kitchen miracles I experienced this summer!).  I forgot to cook the chicken last night, so I made it tonight.

I hesitated when I opened the package.  I thought, I wonder if this will make me sick.  But it didn’t smell bad and wasn’t slimy or anything, and the packaging of the chicken I buy is pretty much hermetical, so I proceeded.

Nothing fancy, I just poured a can of mushroom soup over it and popped it in the oven.  Chicken cooked this way has a particular smell.  And it’s a smell that makes my mouth water.  As my meal cooked, I wasn’t getttin’ that smell from it.  Didn’t smell BAD, just didn’t smell quite right…

It looked delicious.  But I figured that if I have to ask myself “if I get sick, will they be able to cover my shift tomorrow?” that I should probably take a pass on the chicken.

Too bad.  It really did look delicious.  But it made for some extremely pedestrian material for my blog, no?


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One response to “I Picked Safe

  • Karen Funk Blocher

    Oh, yes, I’ve done that, probably quite a few times over the years. But usually I just throw the darn thing out to begin with, and save myself some steps (and some dishes.) With our old fridge dying, I cleaned it out in stages – all the obvious badness filled one lawn and leaf-size trash bag. Then yesterday I dumped the condiments and the stuff that used to be frozen, almost another whole bag. Maybe some of it wasn’t actually bad, but I know I’ll never trust it!

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