Very Scary

The Round Robin Photo Challenge for the week of October 18th is “Very Scary.”

(Very Scary, originally uploaded by Blah Blah Blog)

I know! I know! This isn’t a picture you’d immediately look at and say “now THAT’s very scary!”.  UNLESS you’re afraid of heights.  Which I am!

The Atlantic Ocean pounds the western coast of Ireland’s Aran Islands.  I can’t even tell you how high these cliffs are, but they’re REALLY REALLY high.  I’ve never seen surf so rough or ocean spray so high.  This is one of the wildest and most fierce landscapes I’ve ever been privileged to be able to experience.  The surf, the wind, and the complete lack of safety precautions (you could walk right out to edges of those cliffs, where, you are seriously warned, people get blown off and are dashed on the rocks below all the time) combined to make this one of the “scariest” places I’ve ever visted.

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11 responses to “Very Scary

  • Carly

    Hello Linda 🙂

    I can appreciate a fear of heights, I found out about my uneasiness with heights unexpectedly one day, while visiting a 10 story office building. I was told there was a great observation deck, so I took my camera to do some shots, and lo and behold…i was all kinds of scared! Surprise! LOL. Lovely cliffs though. I have always wanted to see Europe, this makes me want to go all the more! 🙂

  • Danella

    What a great photo! I can see how that would be scarey.

  • Robin

    Hi Linda,
    Great scary photo! After reading the description, I could feel the mist and the wind… I’d be scared there, too! (Though I’d love to travel to Ireland someday!)

  • deslily

    I’m afraid of heights also… excellent interpetation!!!

  • Janet

    Than that is, indeed, very scary!

  • Karen Funk Blocher

    Wow. I get a really feeling of the age of the Earth and the powr of the elements. One thing for sure – I wouldn’t want to stand on the cliff in back there, immediately above that huge wave of spray!

  • Whitney

    I am not afraid of heights but am a klutz so that photo (place on Earth) is scary in an entirely different way. Have been perusing through the round robin listings and am loving what I see. How much fun you all must have!

  • julie

    That would most certainly creep me out!

    But now I want to go back to Ireland!

    Great pics.

  • julie

    Where are my manners? Welcome to the RRs!

  • Suzanne R

    Very creative interpretation of the scary theme — I wouldn’t have thought of it (but then, I didn’t think of anything truly scary). Heights like that scare me but so does the power of the ocean. I love it — looking at it — but I will stay out of it, thank you.

  • Dorn

    Oh yes, I think that picture is very scary… beautiful but scary. I have a fear of heights as well, which makes it hard living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado!

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