Unpaid Product Endorsement – Kayla’s Rag Bags

Kayla is my sister Diane’s best friend’s daughter.  She’s 16 and trying to raise money to go to New York with her school choir.  She’s working pretty hard at it, not just asking for handouts.  For example, her latest endeavor is to deliver phone books (somebody has to do it!).  That doesn’t exactly pay so great.  One of the things that she is doing is making purses!  And they’re CUTE.  She crochets the exterior and lines them with T-shirts that have seen better days.  I bought two.  I am keeping the purple and green and fuscia one lined with a Sponge Bob T and I am giving the green and rust and cream one lined with a matching T to my niece.  Here’s the thing….I would buy one of these even if it wasn’t helping Kayla reach her goal.  A goal, by the way, that her parents think will be a great experience for her.  It’s not as though they’ve said “you can go if you raise the money, but we think it’s a bad idea and we’re not going to pay for it.”  So, here’s a picture of these ever so cute purses (the one I’m keeping is turned inside out, in case you weren’t sure!).  If you are interested in buying a Kayla original Rag Bag then leave a comment.  I’ll forward your info on to her.  She’ll even make them special order.  If you have a favorite T-shirt that you can’t wear anymore, but can’t bear to throw away, perhaps she’ll turn it into a purse for you!  And what the heck, I haven’t done an unpaid product endorsement (UPE) for awhile, so let’s make this one of those!

(Kayla’s Rag Bags, originally uploaded by Blah Blah Blog)


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5 responses to “Unpaid Product Endorsement – Kayla’s Rag Bags


    The bag is so cute, I must have one!
    Please forward my info to Kayla.


  • Cousin Laurel

    Much cuter then my SAK bag. What is her price??????

  • capturedcs

    That spongebob shirt is Jordan’s….gave her a bunch of t-shirts on her visit out here…with an order for a cute black purse….that was ages ago….can you remind her please, thanks.Julie

  • Teresa

    If Kayla has the time, I could do a little Christmas shopping. Please send her my info.

  • Barb

    The current challenge on my purse blog is to make a bag from one or more tee shirts. I’ll feature her bags if she has a blog or etsy or anything. I’ve seen the image of these on Flickr.

    Hello Barb, thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments. I don’t believe that Kayla is still making her bags. She was doing it to raise money for a specific event. Thanks for your offer though! It was very kind. — Lou

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