U (vula) Got To Be Kidding…

Okay, so I wouldn’t have believed this either, but I was working in the ER the day THIS guy came in….

He was about 20, and he was FREAKING out when he arrived.  Crying.  In a shaky voice he reported that he had a weird thing growing in his throat and that it was making it difficult to breathe.  And he was there with his twin brother who had similar complaints.  The one twin reportedly looked in his mouth and saw the growth just prior to rushing into the ER.  Before he left the house he called to his brother to have him see it, and his brother looked in his OWN mouth and saw that he had the same growth!  It was then that the difficulties with breathing started, and they high tailed it in to get emergency care.  They reported that they figured that they had both developed these growths in the same place because they were identical twins.

The nurse that triaged them could hardly contain herself.  When she had calmed them down long enough to be able to look in the throat of the first twin, this is what he cried…

“Can you see it?!!!  Can you see that red thing hanging down in the back of my mouth?”… 


Yes, she could.  And as the title of this post would suggest, these twins were all upset over discovering their uvulas.

Again, don’t people have ANY awareness of their bodies???

I guess not.


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3 responses to “U (vula) Got To Be Kidding…

  • Carly

    Not really a comment from me…but ROFLMAO!!! If that’s a comment! Tee Hee. Priceless darlin!

  • Denise

    Totally unrelated to the story except that it involves a uvula (or lack thereof) – my dad didn’t have one. Or, actually, he did until it got cut off during a tonsilectemy…

  • Lou (Linda)

    Ted didn’t have a uvula? What a weird thing??! 🙂 That’s some slip of the scalpel there, boy! I would have liked to have heard the doctor explain THAT one to your grandparents after the operation!

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