“Swollen Veins”

Now, mind you, this is a REAL true story of the ER!

A patient  presents themselves at the admitting window and checks in.  They give their chief complaint to the clerk who writes their name and complaint on a nurses’ note and gives it to the nurses who then go and “triage” the patient.  Triage is a process in which background and related information to the complaint is obtained, and the patient is evaluated for severity of symptoms and the level of urgency or emergency is determined.  For example, does this person need to come back immediately, or can they wait their turn in the waiting room?

This particular man came in with a chief complaint of “swollen veins”.  Gosh, that sounded interesting.  In my mind I was thinking maybe he had a varicose vein or a blood clot or maybe phlebitis or something like that, that was bothering him.

Not exactly.

Turns out he was concerned because he noticed when his hands were hanging at his sides the veins on his hands and arms bulged and “got swollen.” 

This guy was in his forties.  How is it possible he missed the effect that gravity took on his veins for that many years?  Had he never looked down until that day???

But trust me, this is not the only person who, it would seem, had never even taken a rudimentary look at their body and got freaked out by something.  I’ve got another one for you tomorrow!


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8 responses to ““Swollen Veins”

  • Denise

    Back in those days, doctors were on almost the same level as God – accept what they say and move on. So I don’t think it would have been too difficult to explain…

  • david harvey

    okay guys and gals you can laugh all you want at these storeis.but my swollen veins plauge me. last year of 7/06 i thought i could lift a large amount of weight and lifted with my wrists. the end result is buldgeing veins on my arms and hands and the doctors treat me like a mentel case.sadly as it seems health care is going down the crapper! i dont have faith any more in so called modern medecine that word is what i call oxy moron! take a hint…

    Mr. Harvey, like having your hands hang at your sides, lifting naturally causes the pressure to build up in your veins causing bulging. It’s not abnormal. And in the absence of accompanying symptoms, having bulging veins in and of itself is not a problem. I’d be worried if your veins DIDN’T bulge if you were lifting something heavy. Have you ever watched a weight lifting competition?

    Just because you don’t hear what you think you should be hearing doesn’t mean that the doctors are wrong and that health care is going down the crapper.

    As you age and your subcutaneous tissues become less dense, you can expect that the bulging will be even more pronounced. So don’t be surprised by that. Good luck to you! If you actually do have some sort problem, I hope you can find resolution for it. — Lou

  • david harvey

    dear lou.thank you for your responce.although you do not know fully on what happend . i lifted a very large amount ot wieght useing my wrists and now my veins swell from the wrist up my arm.and i get a odd color of bruiseing around my wrist.my doctor does not seem to know what it is.thats why im loseing faith in modern medicene.but i wish to thank you anyway you are very kind

  • Melinda Braun

    A gentleman on my staff has “swollen veins”, three in fact that run the entire distance of his torso from just past the underarm to his waist. They are almost as round as a pencil. They are tender to the touch and hurt if bumped during the course of the day.

    He has seen 3 specialists and they are all baffled. They have done 2 untrasounds and there do not appear to be any blockages. He wonders if it may be related to the Lipitor he takes.

    I wondered if you’ve ever heard of such a thing?

    Thanks- Melinda

  • Lou (Linda)

    Sorry Melinda. It’s just too hard to say given the info you’ve provided, especially in light of his seeing specialists and not having an answer. Had he not seen specialists, I would have said maybe he has unusual varicose veins. I doubt they are related to Lipitor. I’ve never heard of Lipitor being the cause of such a thing.

  • Heartburn Home Remedy

    If you ever want to read a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for 4/5. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn google to find the missed pieces. Thank you, anyway!

  • Diaa

    Off the top of my head, I don’t have an exact answer for you.

    But I’ve done a lot of reading about vitamins and nutrients and I know that there are some that are actually supposed to be good for strengthening your blood vessels and veins.

    Take a look at vitamin books by Pressman and if you can get ahold of him, ask him!

    From time to time, he appears on tv and also hosts a radio show, so it might not be THAT hard.

    Here’s a guess based on my best recollections (don’t quote me on these):
    vitamin C (oranges, lemons, strawberries, fresh raw spinach)
    vitamin A (carrots, sweet potatoes, red peppers)
    celery (for its fiber and natural salt content)

    Good luck!

  • Falo

    I my self like to see veins so much, I will be glad to have some on me, sometime you are having them because you are healthy. Sometime veins show i strong some one is.

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