If you’re interested, John Torres (the reporter that journeyed to Zambia with the three Zambian Teen Missions teams this summer) has started his on-line series about his experience.  I am interested in seeing how a secular news organization deals with a very evangeical christian approach to meeting the needs of orphans in Africa!  I do know that John was touched by the time he spent in Zambia and that he has been changed forever by it.  Part One was well done and worth the read and the watch (it’s a multi-media sort of report) and I am looking forward to seeing what he has to say and show us over the next three days.

Orphans & Angels

Click the link, check it out.


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  • dailyfacts

    Oh..i love those days when you just don’t have anything better to do than to search for random blogs trying to find something interesting to read. And i’m always lucky, today i found your blog and it brightened up my day to the MAX, looking forward to coming back for an evening read 🙂

    Daily Guy – Welcome to blahblahblog. I’m delighted to have brightened your day. I do hope you come back and read more! I’m curious to know what random search you did that brought you to my blog! — Lou

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