Ah, The Singing!

More from church in Africa!  This was a different church than Millan’s.  Here are three little videos taken at the Kapala Baptist Church in Lupya, Zambia.  The children’s choir sat on the ground near the front of the church.  In the churches we attended in Zambia, there was no children’s church, or nursery.  All the children, even the newest babies, attended church.  I sure liked it that way.  In this church the woman in front of me had a small infant secured in a chitenge on her back.  He slept almost the entire time waking only once to make a tiny fuss and reposition his head.  One of my favorite things about church anywhere is the music.  I don’t care if it’s hymns or “worship music” or contemporary music, or what.  I just like it.  I LOVED the singing in church in Zambia.  You couldn’t help yourself but to clap and move!  You’ll see why when you listen and watch!  🙂 

I have more “music videos” that are coming!  Hope you enjoy these (and those!)….


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