Never heard of such a thing…

Here’s something a little bit lighter for you to “chew on” today.  Now, I am off in search of autumn colors in the Rockies!   

From AskMarilyn and the September 10, 2006 edition of PARADE Magazine:

“I’ve heard that food tastes a little different when eaten with the hand opposite the one usually used.  My friends and I tried this, and it’s true.  Why? — Reggie Mechulan, Miami, FL”

“Taste Receptors are arrayed symmetrically, with certain areas sensitive to sweet and salty flavors while others are tuned to sour and bitter flavors.  When you use your favored hand to place food inside your mouth – especially with a utinsel such as a fork or spoon – you do it the same way again and again.  But if you use your other hand, the food arrives from an unfamiliar angle and traverses a somewhat different path of taste buds.  The change is unimportant but noticeable.”

That is so odd.  Try this out and tell me if you find it to be true for you!


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One response to “Never heard of such a thing…

  • Carly

    LOL. I will give it a try, but I am pretty sure squid will always taste like squid! It might be disguised as Calarmari…but it’s still squid! LOL

    Always, Carly

    PS I love autumn, so please post some colorful autumn for us. 🙂

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