New Look…(Same Great Blog???)

I figured it was time again to change the look of my blog.  I shopped through the available options that WordPress has and found a new format that allows for a customized header.

So, what’s up with “ubiquitous mouse”?

Well, while at the Paddington station when I was lately in London, I came across a big ole statue of some artist I’d never heard of.  It had a quote at the bottom.  These two words in conjunction with each other caught my eye.  So I took a picture.  I probably should have written down the whole quote, or at least who said it, or AT LEAST whose statue it was under, but alas, I did not.

Ubiquitous is one of my all time favorite words.  And I had just returned from Zambia where, though the mice were relatively fewer in number than I was expecting, they were always there.  (Oddly, we’d find crushed mice under at least a couple of the tents each time we’d move.  You’d think ubiquitous mice would be able to avoid a fate such as that.)

It wasn’t until I put the picture in my header that it dawned on me that there was a computer application for it that plays nicely with the whole this being a blog and all thing.

So, I get a little double entendre chuckle out of it as well.  Double entendres are another favorite of mine.

I’ve been working and busy since I got back from LA.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll write something that’s actually worthy of the time you take to read it.

PS…because of my schedule I was not able to participate in today’s Round Robin Challenge “Dream Homes”.  But feel free to check out the entries of the other Round Robiners!!!

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Update:  6/2/2010

This post no longer makes sense as the header which feature the words “ubiquitous mouse” has been changed!  Sorry!  🙂


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