Balloon Classic

This past weekend the 30th Annual Colorado Springs Balloon Classic was held.  Due to weather the balloons were unable to lift off on Saturday (my cousin Julie and I drove down to Memorial Park where it’s held only to have to turn around immediately after arriving), they were unable to lift off on Sunday (again because of weather), but on Labor Day the balloons lifted off as hoped and as planned.

I’ve never seen anything like it!  The balloons started to lift into the air just before 7:00.  They were rolled out and filled and made airborne in waves.  In total approximately 90 balloons participated!  It is still dawn as this wave of balloons begins to float into the air…


Did you know that balloons have to register as aircraft?  I didn’t, until I started to notice these registration numbers on all of them!  I came home and googled this number, and sure enough, it’s an FAA registration number, for a balloon.  (Don’t you just love the internet?)


These four balloons lifted off one right after the other in perfect alignment.  It was an amazing sight. 


There are similar balloon classics held all over America.  If you live near one, go see it.  We were able to walk right up to the balloons and watch the whole process, from unrolling them, to the final blast of fire that made the air inside the balloon just that much lighter than the air outside the balloon. 


The classic had a very festive and fair-like atmosphere.  There was a booth selling funnel cake.  We tried it.  Goooood stuff!  Riding in a hot air balloon is (as you could probably imagine) on my List of Fifty.  After seeing these quietly beautiful skycraft up close, I want to ride even more! 



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