My newest Round Robin Challenge entry.  When I read the roots of the word nostalgia, and it brought to mind a longing for something of the past, there was only one thing I could think of that spoke nostalgia to me.  I’m sure people are tiring of reading my writings about the loss of my dearest friend and sister-in-law, Connie.  But here I go again.

On my last visit to California to visit my family (and get my braces off), I took the opportunity to catch “on film” what my brother (only half jokingly) calls, “The Shrine”.  It has been over a year since she died.  It seems like I haven’t seen her in decades, not months.  And yet my heart is often just as raw today as it was in the first moments after her death. 

As part of his grieving process, my brother amassed a collection of photos and items of sentimental worth in and on the built-in in his dining room.  As I prepared these pictures to post, I took the opportunity to zoom in and take a good look at the things that are collected there.

Here is a list of some of the “things” that found their way into “The Shrine”:

  • A lime green GPS device she used for Geo-Caching
  • A mug that weirdly broke through the cup part but the handle was left intact
  • Water bottles filled with dirt from the locales of various adventures
  • The license plate from her motorcycle
  • An empty bottle of Dom Perignon (her and my brother’s favorite)
  • A vase that my father had given her
  • Her tape dispenser (which reminds me that I need to ask my brother why that’s in there)
  • A Rubik’s cube (solved)
  • Her grandmother’s Sweets jar
  • A small container of Carmex
  • Her favorite (and only) tube of lipstick
  • A black lighter (she always carried one, who knows why)
  • Various geodes and other interesting (or not so interesting) rocks
  • Patches, pins, buttons, and key chains
  • An American flag
  • A wooden cross and a plastic and yarn cross
  • The box containing her ashes
  • Well, you get the idea

And the pictures span her lifetime.  All of them evoking memories and many of them laughter as well as tears.  My brother was out to see me in August after I got back from Africa.  He told me that he was making the choice to stop actively grieving.  I wonder if “The Shrine” will still be there when I visit him next week.  I am going to California to celebrate (for the second year in a row) Connie’s and Phil’s anniversary, without her.  Phil and I having a standing date for the next forever to be together on that day, September 17th.

So, this nostalgia is about Connie, whom I miss horribly, and long for…





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10 responses to “Nostalgia

  • Karen Funk Blocher

    Wow, what a tribute, lovingly photographed. Thank you for sharing this! – K.

  • Janet

    That’s a perfect interpretation of nostalgia. I’m sorry you lost your friend 😦

  • Becky

    Now that is exactly the kind of memorial I’d love. Not a grave site that no one will ever visit once the funeral is over and done. What a wonderful tribute to a life ended too soon. Obviously you folks were lucky to have Connie in your lives and she was lucky to have you too. That’s plain to see.

  • Carly

    Hello Linda

    this was so touching. I have lost a couple friends in the last few years, and grief can be so painful at times as we struggle to remember the joy our loved ones brought us while we had them in our lives. This was very poignant, and heartfelt, I hope your visit with your brother will bring both of you some peace in your memories. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us, you are a special lady and I am glad to know you.

  • Kerrin

    Grief has no time limit and I think this is a lovely memorial. When I think of my dearest friend, I know Connie must have been a joy in your life and like Carly I thank you for sharing this.

  • julie

    That’s such a nice way to remember someone. Thanks for sharing.

  • Suzanne R

    Very touching and heartfelt — I could sense your loss in what you wrote. It is lovely the closeness you and Connie shared, and that you and Phil still share. Thank you for gifting us with your story.

  • tess

    Very warm and wonderful. Thanks for sharing, I’m sure that Connie loves it too!

  • Whitney

    As my place at the dinner table is on the side facing the shrine, I get to have dinner with Connie every time we sit there to sup. There are times where her children will say something or give a look that is so like their Mommy, It is truely like she is there. In truth, parts of her are.

  • philip norris

    the tape dispenser- i was taping some pictures up and forgot to put it away. mystery solve-ed!

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