Image Enhance

I have many pictures I took this summer that need to be gone through, cataloged, and written about.  I have started that process.  While in Boot Camp in Florida, I took many pictures of my kids running the obstacle course.  As the OC is run in the pre-dawn hour, most of the pictures turned out very very dark.  I was going to just delete them all, but Photo Suite has an “enhance” button, which I thought I would try!  Sooooo, with the click of a single “button”, I went from this:


 To this! 


And because it thrilled Kellie Rock so much (tongue in cheek) to google herself (see comment #6), I’ll give her credit on this picture, too.  Just in case she decides to google herself again.  Soooo, this is Kellie Rock jumping for the rope at the Slough of Despond.  Miss the rope, and in the water (gross sulfur water) you go.  I can’t remember if she made it on this attempt or not, so let’s just say she did!  Way to go, Kellie!


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