Letters to Zambia

I was so blessed this summer to have been the regular recipient of mail from family and friends.  I tried to respond to as many people as I could, but wasn’t able to get a letter off to each person that wrote while I was gone.  Soooo, I will shamelessly use my blog to impersonally personally thank all of those who took the time to write to me.  A most special thanks to John who was a letter writing machine, and to my mother who wrote many letters as well.  And to Ruth, who even though she doesn’t really know me, wrote to me every single week.  Thanks also to my Dad, Diane, Whitney, Phil, Little Richie, Alaska, Jonathan, and Avie (lots of cards!), Lizzie, Joanne and Scott, Doris, Uncle Jim, Aunt Lynne, Aunt Leslie, cousin Julie, Peter, Shawn, Julie, Diba, the Broscos, Lorraine, Andre’a, Joanne H. (my other Mom), Brandy, Kate, Diana, Stephanie, and Brenda.  I think that’s everyone.  If your name isn’t here, there are two possible scenarios: 1)  I forgot you wrote to me, or 2)  Your letter never arrived.  If you are smart, and most of my friends and readers are, you will claim that you wrote to me and that I never received all the letters you faithfully sent!

Even though by the time the letters are received in a place like the bush in Zambia, the “news” is sometimes weeks old, it’s like a refreshing drink of cool water to hear from family and friends when you are in the middle of nowhere.  Our mail went out only whenever we saw Robert from the base.  He’d visit us occasionally at the closer rescue units, and he’d also come weekly to drive us to our next location.  We’d only receive mail as often as we’d see him as well.  So, mail days were often like Christmas for me with a large pile of letters to be read when I had a quiet moment.  This was generally after lights out, or if I was ahead of schedule making lunch or dinner. 


Above is a particularly fun reverse of an envelope from Andre’a showing Colorado and Africa and a particularly exhausted postman.  It also bears the two Zambian cancellation stamps that all letters arrived bearing:  one from Ndola, and one from Lusaka.  This particular letter was postmarked out of Loveland on July 26th, and postmarked into Lusaka and Ndola on August 8th.  That was about the average amount of time letters took to get to Zambia.  Depending on when the mail got to us, you could add up to a week on top of that. 

Soooooo, thanks again, all of you, for taking the time to enrich my summer.



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One response to “Letters to Zambia

  • Diana

    YEA! I get to see my name on your blog. I LOVE reading your blog – you are an amazing woman! It will be good to get to see you in person and hear your story.

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