“Mama Lou”

I had 23 children this summer.  I did not intend to!  I tried to get my kids to call me Auntie Lou or something, since I am not a mother nor ever plan to be one.  My kids didn’t care about that, and the name “Mama Lou” eventually stuck.  Even the other leaders called me that.  As a 41 year old, I must have seemed old enough to all of them to be Mama.  The next oldest person, Abner, the other head leader, was/is only 24 himself!  (Counting the other leaders, I guess I had 26 kids!)

I don’t FEEL old enough.  But, since I tended their boo-boos, and gave them their medicines, and cooked for them, and hugged them and all that sort of thing, I suppose I was more motherly than I was auntly.  While at first when the “Mama Lou” thing started, I kind of cringed, thinking that I would never like being called that!!   I didn’t look forward to hearing THAT called out to me all summer.

BUT, eventually, I realized what a tremendous compliment I was being paid.  Here were all these kids missing home, missing their moms, and they bestowed upon me the gift of letting me temporarily fill that position for them.

I miss my kids.  I liked being a mama.  Go figure.


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