Home Sweet Home

Well!  If the rumors are true, and I believe that they are, I am back in the US of A.  In fact, I am back in my BE of D!  I arrived in Colorado Springs shortly after 4:00 this afternoon.  I tried to sleep, but was unable.  I took a shower, put on clothes I haven’t seen in two months, and plopped down on my bed with my precious Mew Ling.  I powered up my laptop, and am posting LIVE!  I have much to write.  I will not be writing much tonight, however.  I have a very large pile of mail that I need to go through and I think I will tackle that in hopes that it will lull me to sleep.  It is strange to be alone and to not have to constantly think about the health and welfare of 26 other people.  I have tales to tell (watch for upcoming postings on how it turns out that cleanliness MAY not in fact be next to godliness, on how you actually don’t NEED to own a hairbrush or a razor to get along in the world, and on how maybe we should stop taking water for granted and actually be thankful for it in a major way!) and will be telling them, to be sure. 

For now, I rest.  But I am looking forward to getting to the business of my writing!  I have good news to report on another completely unexpected List of Fifty success!  So, watch for the story of Ellie, too!…

Be seeing you all soon!


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Just a girl from Colorado trying to live life to God's glory with a certain amount of gusto! View all posts by Lou (Linda)

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