Letters from Linda



(There is Linda – 3rd row far right in the red T-shirt)

Excerpts from letter dated June 24th 2006

I am doing great @ Boot Camp, but physcially I’m sure not what I used to be!!  I am all bitten up, but haven’t had to resort to drastic measures yet.  Interestingly enough the physical discomfort of being stinky and dirty doesn’t bother me too much now.  In fact, I haven’t had a “proper” bath or washed my hair in 4 days.

When I got to my tent site last night and took off my boots I was somewhat taken aback by the appearance of my legs which I hadn’t seen in a couple of days as I’d not had time to even undress for bed.  They are really bitten up (swollen @ the knees even) and many of the bites have bruised (as have many on my arms).  As if that weren’t enough my lower legs were diffusely swollen, like when I got home for Louisiana, but only from the top of my boots up! Grotesque!!

We only really start Boot Camp schedule on Monday, so we’ve barely gotten through out time here.  I forgot how much I dislike here.

I am regularly receiving letters!! I am the big winner in that regard on our team.

(posted in abstentia)


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