Super Boot Camp Has Begun

(Diane posting for Linda)

The teams have arrived and what is known as "Super Boot Camp" has started. There is a period of one week when the early and late boot camps are on site together.  This period of time is known as "Super Boot Camp".  I am certain that the excitement, anticipation and anxiety are almost palable at the Lord's Boot Camp right now.  I had the pleasure of serving as a volunteer there a few years ago and God is absolutely present!  Linda's picture was posted in the on-line photo gallery!  Here she is doin' her leader thing! 



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2 responses to “Super Boot Camp Has Begun

  • Julie

    Just seeing her picture makes me miss her!!!
    😦 I guess we have to “share” her sometimes…

  • Elisa

    Lou – It *IS* a field of poppies in here! What an apt description. Wow, I linked over from Whitney’s blog and spent at least an hour clicking around and reading. And I can’t wait to read about Africa. 🙂

    Hope to see you next time you are in LA!

  • Larry

    How great to be a part of such a life changing experience. Not only for the people you are caring for and witnessing to but the youngsters who are there for the first time. I decided today to become a greater part of our church’s youth evangelism team. In part because of seeing others doing mission work. So Lou, thanks for the inspiration. (long distance thanks.)


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