Happy Birthday, Mom (and Kate)…(and David, too, I guess)

And a very happy Bloomsday day to you as well (I guess that's mostly for Kate)!

It is my first day at Boot Camp.  Today I will be meeting the other leaders, setting up our campsite (it's a complicated procedure involving building platforms and pitching tents), and getting the lay of the land. 

By now I probably stink even though it has only been one day.  And I am probably starting to show the evidence of how sweet I am to the local mosquitos.  The kids won't be arriving for a few days, so we leaders will be sort of getting to know each other and have some sort of working relationship by the time they do.  And hopefully we'll all know our way around very well so that we don't cause our team to be late to anything.  Nothing worse than a leader who gets the whole team "in trouble"!

Thinking of you especially, today, Mom.  Missing another one of your birthdays because of TMI!  I think that makes six.  Hopefully I had the chance to call you and wish you a happy birthday sort of in person before the Boot Camp gates clanged shut behind me!!!  But if not, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Much love!

(posted in absentia)


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mom (and Kate)…(and David, too, I guess)

  • Joanne (for Scott, too)

    We miss you already! Many prayers are going up for you, dear friend of ours. Can’t wait to see how God uses you, and glorifies Himself through you.

  • Rylie & Colette

    Our prayers are with you. “Be what you believe” and be the hands and feet of Christ once again!!
    Hot there I’m sure but no “love bugs”

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