Durable Power of Attorney

As part of my preparations to go away this summer, I am setting up a durable power of attorney.  The primary reason for this is that my sister Diane and I are in the process of building a house which (big surprise, right?) has taken much longer to get started than we anticipated.  We anticipated being done by now.  The reality is, all we have is a hole in the ground and plans that have been disapproved by the county on the two most critical  points – construction, and mechanical.  So, in order for her to sign drafts on our construction loan for me while I am in Africa, we have to have a DPA. 

But this isn't about building a house.

This is about trust.  Giving someone Durable Power of Attorney over you is not something that should be taken, well, lightly.  You want to know that that person has your best interests at heart and will do right by you in your absence, or if you should become incapacitated, etc.  I imagine that for many people finding someone that they trust enough to put their life into this other person's hands could be difficult.

I had no qualms about signing control of my life over to my sister this morning.  And as I thought about it, I wondered, just how many people WOULD I trust to sign it over to? 

Blessed I am, for there are many.


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