My New Camera

Yesterday I spent some time "getting to know" my new camera.  It is a Nikon Coolpix S4.  A way-cool, any-idiot-can-use, digital camera, which makes it perfect for me!  A generous gift from my dad to take with me to Africa this summer (click here for that post about my dad).

The reason I picked this camera was for its awesome zoom capability (10x digital), for its swivel lens (I am short, and to be able to hold the camera over my head and still see what I am shooting at is very helpful), for its beyond amazing macro setting (I took pictures a couple of centimeters from the subject and they are crystal clear!), and for its maximum of 6 megapixel setting.  What I didn't really know I was getting were some pretty stellar other features.

I have found a 30 minute video setting.  I have found a number of time lapse video settings (can't wait to try THOSE!).  There are dozens of different specialty assist settings (even one for taking pictures of fireworks or for taking pictures at the beach or in snow). 

Navigating around the menus has been pretty simplistic given all the options available.  There aren't too many confusing buttons to wrangle with, either.

The lens cap could have been engineered better (it's cheap and plastic and looks like it could snap off easily in the right circumstance), and the large viewing screen (which is really nice) costs you a place to comfortably hold the camera in your right hand without obstructing the screen, but that adjustment will be fairly easy to make and get used to. 

All in all, I think this is going to be the perfect camera for me!  And I think I'll even give it UPE (Unpaid Product Endorsement) status.


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5 responses to “My New Camera

  • John

    Wow! Sounds excellent. You’ve mentioned several features that make me think “I want that…” Congrats!

  • Lou (Linda)

    I’m pretty sure you’d love it. Especially that swiveling lens feature.

  • Helen Losse

    My husband had (well, he still has) a earlier digital Nikon camera and was very happy with it. The body is quite tough. He once missed a step and fell on concrete with the camera taking the brunt of the blow. The batteries rolled across the road, but there was only one tiny dent on the body of the camera. It’s a good one for travel. It should take clear pictures.

  • Bay Area Bev

    Can you turn the name of your camera into a link to pix of it? It sounds really cool, I’m in the market for one, and I guess I could go out on the net and look for it, but I’d rather have you do all the work. 😉 BTW, who am I? I am an olllld high school friend of John’s and of the Darrow family. I attend the same church. I like reading some blogs and have taken yours on. By doing this, I see that you attend WVC. I was there in April for my precious nephew’s memorial service. He was killed in Iraq on April 18th, resurrected just 2 days after Easter. You may have heard about it since it was ALL over CS and Denver news.

    Thanks for a fun blog and God’s best on your trip this summer. I’ll pray.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hi Bay Area Bev! Thanks for dropping in on my humble blog. Here’s the link you requested:

    Any old high school friend of John’s is a friend of mine!

    Thanks for sharing about your nephew. I heard about him, his death and his memorial service at my church. He sounded like he was a great man. I am sure he is terribly missed.

    And thanks for praying for me this summer. It is going to be an amazing time I think.

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